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three-fourths, and his brothers the remaining fourth of the
family property. When Mallamraju came to Perusomala and
demanded one half of the property, he was told that he was
entitled only to one eighth of it, on account of Basuvayya'a
adoption. On Mallamraju denying that there had been any
adoption, he was asked to swear solemnly to that effect.
Having consented to do so, he proceeded to the temple
of Rainesvara at Tadpatri, and took a solemn oath in the
presence of the deity for twenty-one days with wet garments
on his body. He obtained a jayapatrika from the authorities
of "the temple. Notwithstanding all this trouble, Mallanxraju's
cousins declined to accept his claim for half of their family
property. Thereupon they repaired to Gandiiota, to have
their dispute settled, aud stated their case before Xandyala
Narasimharaju who was then governing that fort. Narasimha-
raju summoned Telugucerla Q-opalacarya and said; "These
people have come seeking justice. Convene an assembly (of
the learned) and settle their dispute first." Accordingly
the acarya summoned an assembly (sabha), and having heard
the arguments of both the parties, decided thus :

* Mallamraju proved his case on the day when he success-
fully took the oath. There was no adoption. Therefore, one
half of the property should go to Mallamrajn. Then they had
the jayalekhas written and handed over the jayapalrika* to
Mallamraju, who obtained the half share due to him from his
cousins as soon as he returned to his village/

: *. jtt, pp. 9-20.


The dispute described in the previous extract was not
finally settled. As Lingaraju's grandsons declined to give half
of the family estate to the grandsons of Diana ftmmuijti, a*
decided by the dharmasana at Ga^ikota, the latter were
obliged once again to seek justice. Both the pfcrttes resolved to
approach Ranganatha Nayadu, the officer wko was fea ofc*tgc
of these villages ; and having repaired tc